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What Sets UniDub Apart?

Our balance between expertise, innovation, and always thriving to better ourselves, guarantees our clients’ satisfaction and enjoyment by the end consumer.

We also use the latest technology and highly qualified professionals with premium voices. We promote a team culture that fosters creativity and accountability, all the while supervised by one of the most recognized voices of Brazil, Wendel Bezerra.

How did UniDub start?

UniDub was created to fulfill our CEO’s, Wendel Bezerra, vision to provide a space where voice actors and clients could foster their creativity and artistic qualities to bring their projects to fruition, while maintaining the high standards required by the global market.

Can I tour UniDub?

No. Tours and visits are only booked for existing and potential clients. We take confidentiality extremely seriously. To protect our clients and their products, we do not allow the general public to visit our facilities.

Does UniDub select their projects? Can I recommend a series or movie to be dubbed at Unidub?

Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of selecting the projects ourselves.  The final decision rests with the production company or the owner of the product. UniDub is only a service provider for distributing and production companies, channels, and streaming companies.

Does UniDub offer training?

UniDub is not a dubbing school. That being said, we believe there is a considerable demand for more talent in for this market.

We do offer workshops to improve your public speaking skills, and training programs for those who have already started their path in dubbing. To learn more, please check out one of our social media outlets where our programs are posted.

How extensive is UniDub's voice portfolio?

Extremally extensive! And the number keeps going up every day. We are proud to work with professionals of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

How can I become a voice talent?

Visit our CEO’s, Wendel Bezerra, YouTube channel. There you can find videos where he gives tips to those interested in this art. This link is a good starting point: 10 steps to becoming a voice actor.

Lapa, São Paulo – SP

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